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Expected Trends in Diamonds and Jewelry

While fashion changes quite frequently, it was not until recent years that jewelry began to undergo enormous changes in what was considered fashionable. Until recently, jewelry was simply stated, overly adorned, or antique, and few pieces outside of this were considered to be highly fashionable. In recent times, however, the rule of only a few pieces of small jewelry has been tossed to the wayside, as chunky rings and jewels and even floral designs have become the must have jewelry statement for everyone from celebrities to local trendsetters.

While the origin of the trend is uncertain, it is at least partially rooted in the “bling” culture made famous by hip hop artists and fans. The trend originated as wearing the most diamonds one could possibly fit on to a piece of jewelry or on to any item that would hold them, but has slowly morphed into a trend of wearing larger jewels that has moved well beyond only encompassing the hip hop culture.

This year is expected to continue the trend, with many top celebrities refusing to be seen without their chunky cocktail rings. Among such celebrities are Pink, Beyonce, and Cheryl Cole. Pop songstress Rihanna has recently been spotted wearing quite a chunky ring on her engagement finger, leading to rumors of a New Year’s Eve proposal from long-time “close friend” Chris Brown.

Another jewelry design expected to experience resurgence in popularity this year is the floral design. Elaborate floral inspired rings adorned with diamonds and made of precious metals are expected to be among the biggest trends in bridal wear this year, as floral designs have been growing increasingly popular among brides for some time now. The rings are exquisite and highly feminine, perhaps contributing to their return time after time to the forefront of jewelry chic.

Jewelry colors are also part of the trend, and this year seems to be shaping up to be the year for green and brown. In addition to classics like turquoise, emeralds are set for a rising surge in popularity, making their way from “tea party” culture back to the contemporary and urban market. When it comes to brown, everything from beads to quartz is expected to gain in popularity. Perhaps most of all, however, champagne and cognac diamonds are expected to be among the year’s trendiest and biggest selling jewels. A chocolate colored pearl has even been released, signifying that even the pearl industry is on top of the trend.